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You, esp. Ladies, desperately need daily “ME Time”


I am pissed off…
I am annoyed…
I get irritated…
I get so tired…
I don’t feel appreciated…

This is how people commonly express their feelings, or may I say frustrations.

But Why?

You already know what’s wrong in the world.
But it’s easy to ignore because it may not directly affect you.

What pisses you off is what happens in your life day after day,
involving people in your social circle,
or people in or around your profession.

We “try” to be polite and act civil towards others,
because it’s not cool to be mean anymore,
but it’s acceptable to complain and feel like a victim.

Sadly, the pity party of showing off how miserable our life is makes us feel better.

If you are not sure what I am talking about,
here’s something you can test for yourself.

Think of a time when you were sick…
Think of a time when you went through something bad, such as a death, or breakup etc.

What were people saying to you when you shared your bad news?
They probably told you stories of how they went through sickness or someone they knew went through something similar to what you are going through?

How the hell was that going to help you?
It only makes you believe in this stupid quote – “life sucks, then we die”.

“BAD DOGGY,” is what I tell my dog Rocco when he misbehaves.

I want to help you strengthen your mind muscle so that you can handle stress easily.

Stress makes your mind very weak and even the smallest of nuances affect you negatively. This not only affects you, but also your loved ones.

Do you want to change that?
I guess you do.

The concept of “Me time” has been around for a while.
But do you know what else has been around for hundreds of years?
The process of being peaceful.

In the past did stuff like meditation, yoga and other therapeutic activities to maintain peace.
Some still do, and these activities definitely help.
BUT, there’s one problem!

You don’t have patience or time to participate in these activities anymore.
It’s easy to simply whine and complain about our miserable life and making a mockery of it. If you don’t believe me, scroll through your Facebook feed for 10 minutes and you will see people bragging about things they hate in their life via pity quotes.

“Me time” can help you, especially if you are a mother or a wife.

Honestly, I absolutely hated this “Me time” concept before.
I thought it was stupid.
My thoughts changed with my spiritual transformation of becoming peaceful a few years ago. I know from personal experience and experience of others that this concept works. Therefore, I am sharing it with you.

As a mother, the unofficial boss of the house, you are constantly thinking about stuff like:
“What should I make for lunch?”
“Wonder if there’s enough laundry to put into machines?”
“OMG! guests are coming over. Preparation and dishes!”

I can’t even imagine what goes through your head if you have a toddler.

Men also have lots of things to worry about and “Me time” will help them as well.

Please follow this “Me time” Recipe for 3 weeks and continue if this helps.

“Me time” Recipe

Take 10-30 minutes, depending on your schedule, for yourself everyday.

During this time, turn off your electronic gadgets so that there’s no calls, notifications, or internet distractions and of course you should be away from people.

Do one of the following activity with lights turned off and window curtains/blinds closed:

1. Listen to calming music (preferably without words), such as instrumental Jazz, or ocean, beach rain sounds etc.
2. Sit in meditation or lie on a coach, bed, or floor and do nothing.
3. Do therapeutic activities such as gardening, playing a musical instrument or simply playing with your pet.
4. Exercise at home (gym exercise is not the same, unless you love gym)
5. Meditate
6. Perform Yoga
7. Read a book
8. or any other activity that you can do alone in as much silence as possible.

*If you don’t have a quite place, then you can go to a coffee shop and read a book

Why should I do this?

The time spent away from everything gives your mind some space to relax,
some time to connect with your soul.
It makes your mind strong because you will realize your inner power after regular practice.
This will make your brain stronger mentally and analytically (you will perform better at work).

Start this activity today.
Do this today.

After doing this daily for one week, let me know how it worked for you.

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