Work with Romi Gill

I can help two ways:

1. Online Training and Exercise/Nutritional plans

I can either setup a one-time food / exercise plan for you…

or I can do Online Coaching for you where I guide you on a weekly basis over the phone. We implement changes in your food, eating patterns and your exercise to create a physique you want.

I make everything simple. There is no hardcore dieting or hardcore exercise. Everything is custom tailored to your needs.

2. Mental Strength Coaching

When you are stuck, feel weak, oppressed, and stress or depression like state of mind where you see no hope and you have tried everything BUT nothing works. I can guide you to go from this state of mind to where you have more control over your life and the choices you make.

P.S. I don’t do what therapists do – sit and listen and not provide advice.

I give you solid practical and actionable steps that you can use right now to make positive changes in your life. Since I not bound by any governing agency rules, I don’t hold back in helping you.

I don’t follow anybody else’s rules, only 1 rule – “I will help you do what’s necessary to make positive progress in your life.”

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