Why do The Poor get Poorer and The Fat get fatter?


You have probably heard this phrase “The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer”, but think about the following quote:

“The fit get fitter and the fat get fatter”.

I always compare mindset about one area in life with mindset about other areas and find similarities. I found similarities between wealth and fitness.

OMG, Romi used the ‘F’ word! I know this quote probably makes you angry but it’s true.

I used the example of wealth because the same principles apply to becoming richer or fit and same principles (excuses) make you poor or fat. I don’t judge or hate anybody, I love everybody from homeless to rich and Fat to fit, but I do want to see everybody happy.

We have this stigma against the rich and the fit. I am not arguing this is not right for some people, but you can’t stereotype based on wealth or fitness.

Here’s a few mean things said about the rich and the fit:

1. They cheat and use illegal methods to get rich – vs – they used drugs and steroids to get fit.
2. They don’t spend time with family
3. All they care about is money or muscle/gym
4. They don’t have a heart or they are mean
5. They are lucky to be wealthy or fit
6. They had good family or genetics
7. They have more free time


Here’s some of the things that happen when you become poor or fat:

1. You accumulate fat or debt
2. You become stressed
3. You always seem to be busy with “nothing”
4. You don’t have energy or money to spend on entertainment
5. You may lose your partner
6. You may lose your home (eventually)
7. You don’t have motivation in life
8. You may lose your job (or your business)
9. You don’t care about money or muscle


 Here’s some excuses people make for being poor or fat:

1. Bad luck or bad genetics
2. I tried everything and can’t get out of debt or I can’t lose fat
3. I am happy with where I am (being average or poor) or (average fitness level or fat)
4. I don’t like being judged for being rich or fit
5. I don’t want to give up my comfort


Now let’s look at reality!

My specialty is Human Mind (Physhology of why we do or don’t do something) and I observe and analyze people to learn the reason for their stress or why they are not able to achieve their goals (success in every field from school to business, personal, finance, spirituality and relationships).

Poor will stay poor until they change their mindset, and overweight people will not lose weight until they change their mindset. Once you become overweight or accumulate debt and continue your existing lifestyle, your fat levels and debt will keep going up and it will continue to become difficult for you to lose weight or pay off the debt.

You will keep getting poor or fat until you get sick of it and “Make the decision” to take control over your negative situation and change it. Simply wishing fit body or wealth will do nothing. You have to decide to take control over your wealth and health and do whatever it takes to become successful.

How you become rich and how you become fit

You should aim to be successful in both financial and physical health. Life becomes much more interesting and exciting then. No matter how fat or poor you are you can become super wealthy and super fit (please don’t become greedy or ego maniac though).

I used to think you have to work hard, multiple jobs day and night and give up social life to be rich in the past. I also think (and did) exercise almost everyday and gave up delicious food and gave up social life to build muscle. At my lowest point in life I had become poor, fat and in a depressed like state.

With help of God, I was able to get myself back on track stop expecting people to pity me. I was fallen, but when I decided to get up and take control my situation changed for both finances and fitness.

To be fit and wealthy, you have to do a few things:

1. Change your attitude towards wealth or fitness (they are not bad, the attachment is bad).
2. Work and exercise smart not long and hard hours.
3. Give up your comfort (bad foods, or wasting time on watching TV, YouTube, Social Media, partying etc).
4. Connect with people who are wealthy and fit. Surround yourself with positive people who are driven to succeed.
5. Manage your time well.
6. Stop complaining about how bad your situation is, ask people how you can change it. Ask the right questions.
8. Don’t fear failure. Continue failing because when you fail you learn what is not going to work so that you can try something else.
9. There’s more than one way to become wealthy and fit.
10. Always stay hungry for progress and success. If you are not moving forward you start going backwards.

What will it take for you to make the decision to be Wealthy and Fit?

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