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Who is Romi

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Romi “The Mighty Singh” Gill

I don’t take life seriously, I use Sarcasm and humour to eliminate stress in my life.

I am a fitness coach turned Motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people become successful in all areas of life.

I am Spiritual being inspired by my lifestyle based faith – Sikhi where our goal is to be spiritual and also a warrior. Spirituality gives me a clear and positive mind, free of stress and negative or limiting beliefs, and warrior attitude helps me fight negativity.

My life purpose, again inspired by Sikhi, is to help bring happiness in others’ lives.

How do I help people?

I use RomiMagic: I ask you what you want in life and then motivate you to do what it takes to become successful. First I help you get a strong control over your mind by eliminating negative thoughts, beliefs and limiting factors that prevent you from getting what you want. Once you know what you want, I simply show you the steps you need to take to make your dream a reality.

My goal is to reach out as many people as I can and show them how to take control of their life by taking control of their mind.

Warning: RomiVirus is highly addictive. Once you get infected with Romi’s positive charge, you will continue infecting others with positivity and make them smile.
As you can tell, I enjoy Humour no matter what form it comes in – Movies, TV Shows, or Stand up Comedy and funny pictures.


Here’s some pictures of my life


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  • My grandfather used to say “struggle, ultimately makes a man full of life, whereas protection makes a man disabled” (I have translated the hindi version to English). I feel you have a similar story, you have fought wars in your life and came out stronger and more forgiving. It seems you have seen your fair share of struggles and now know the true essence of life. You are trying to impart your experiences and in turn motivate people around you. I think it is a great virtue that you possess. Seldom have I seen people who think like you. They are proud of the fact that they have overcome adversity, but shy away from sharing these experiences with others. But you are different, you have taken upon yourself to bring the change. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “be the change, you wish to see in the world”. I have never met you, but I probably feel you are infectious with your positivity and humor.

    To be very frank with you, you are an inspiration for me. I have had my share of physical and mental issues, but I have been fighting it with all my heart. Sometimes I fail, and get noticed. I feel I have not been able to achieve the kind of success that I deserve. But one thing they can’t take away from me is that I am fighting. Due to some reasons (mostly physical) I have to get on my knees, but I stand back, every time, and that too with a smile. I think, that’s what we warriors do, isn’t it? We fight harder when we fail, there is no way we quit or give up.

    But then, from what I have seen, you are a step ahead of me. I am proud of my struggles, but don’t inspire others, you do! I think you have understood the entire picture. Its not just about yourself; how well you’ve fought, or how successful have you become, but also about what are you giving back. Its about being remembered for good, being remembered for what you had to offer. It’s about sharing you experiences to inspire others, to make others happy. That’s where the real power lies.

    I have a new perspective towards life, and will try like you, to share it with others. This way probably I will be able to make others and myself happy. Looking forward to having conversation with you. Keep going!

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