When someone is sad, Do NOT Ask: “Are you OK?”

sad, are you ok

When someone is sad…
Do NOT Ask: “Are you OK?”

First let’s look at some situations:

If you are walking with a friend and she slips and falls…
what do you ask?
“Are you OK?”

When someone is sad, what do you ask?
“Are you OK?”

A funny response I give is…
“I just broke my leg, I have cancer, my car died and I have no job. But otherwise, I am OK. Thanks for asking.”

When you know someone is going through an unpleasant situation…
shouldn’t you be asking them ABOUT the unpleasant situation?

If you want to help them, Shouldn’t you ask…

“Are you hurt?”
“How bad are you hurt?”
“Should I get you some help?”
“What’s making you upset today?”
“Why are you sad? What will change your state of mind?”

We are programmed to say stupid stuff and we follow like sheep and keep asking wrong questions.

When we ask wrong questions, we get wrong answers.
When you ask someone “Are you OK?”… chances are they are going to say “I’m OK” while thinking “shut up and leave me alone.”

If you want to “help” them, ask the right questions.

When you do ask the right question, do not offer advice until the person asks for it. Sometimes people just want to be heard, they want to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Ask and just listen.

sad, are you ok


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