Want to Succeed? Then Stop Saying “I will make 2015 my Bitch”!


Want to Succeed? Then Stop Saying “I will make 2015 my Bitch” or “2015 is going to my bitch” or “2015 is/will be my year”!

This year I am seeing a lot of people posting “I will make 2015 my Bitch” or “I will make 2015 my Bitch” and it bothers me because it’s not the best way to motivate yourself to change your situation.

There are two things wrong with this statement. First of all, let’s look at the meaning behind this statement.

What does Bitch mean other than female dog? Check these phrases:
1. Stop being a bitch (Negative person or a whiner)
2. He/she is such a bitch (unpleasant person, someone you can’t stand)
3. He/she is always bitching about something (complainer)
4. The stove is a bitch to fix (very difficult)
5. Pimps say “She is my bitch” (expressing slavery or ownership)

Do you want your new year to be negative, unpleasant, full of complaints, very difficult or a slave?
You’d probably say “Slave, Slave, yes. That’s it”

Even saying “I will make 2015 my slave” is wrong. When you say that you are trying to blame outside factors for your failure. Is there something wrong with the year? Was there something wrong with 2014 or the year before or any year before that?

Definitely Not! Each year has same amount of days (not counting leap years), each month has 30 days, each week has 7 days, and each day has 24 hours. What so special or different about 2015?

This statement is negative and ego-driven. Even if you blame others or the year for your inability to succeed, using such statements only negatively program your mind to fail. Instead your need positive enforcement statements like “I will succeed in 2015″ and BOOM! what a change!

Second thing that is wrong with this statement is that you are not taking responsibility.

Try saying “I will not be a bitch in 2015″

How does that make you feel? That should make you realize that you are the reason you are not succeeding at whatever it is that you want to succeed at. It’s not about playing the blame game and feeling like a loser or being depressed, it’s about accepting responsibility. When you keep blaming yourself, it’s still a negative ego-driven mindset.

When you accept responsibility you analyze your situation with a positive mindset to figure out what mistakes you made and what you could have done to achieve your goals.

Here’s some of the things I do and have done in the past which stopped me from achieving my goals:
1. Procrastination: If you keep procrastinating you have to realize what about it you dislike. Once you know what it is, you can seek help and move forward.
2. The Want: We all want to achieve big goals and have big dreams. Only problem is it’s only a wish, not a strong desire or a “Want”. When you want something bad, you will not stop until you get it. Try saying no to a child and see what happens when she wants something.
3. Comfort Zone: We want everything without leaving our comfort zone and avoid risks at all costs. This will not help you move ahead in life.
4. Excuses: This goes hand in hand with all 3 points above. If the want isn’t big enough you will make all the excuses you can – “no time”, “no money”, “no responsibility”, “not lucky enough” etc.
5. Too much talk, not enough action: Sometimes we make an elaborate plan but fail to take action or continue taking action towards our goals. If you stop after taking first few steps, you will fail.
6. Not enough pain: Think what will happen if you don’t achieve your goals? If it will cause enough pain then you will probably not achieve your goals.
7. Fear of failure: We fear taking action and failing, and to avoid social humiliation, we don’t start. All successful people have failed many times in life. Learn from successful people.
8. Being stuck in past: Past is gone and we can’t take it back. You can either be miserable in the past or take control of yourself to make your future better.

Here’s an example which will demonstrate what I mean.

Imagine a girl loves a boy and the boy is broke and fat. Girl wants the boy to work and be fit but the boy doesn’t do anything and years have passed and they have decided to marry in 2015. Now in 2015 the girl gives the boy an ultimatum “Lose weight and be financially stable or else I will not marry you!”

Now if the boy loves the girl he will make it happen in 2015 because pain of losing a loved one is too great than making money and becoming fit. The boy will have no excuse, ton of motivation, he will not procrastinate and he will go “beast mode” and get it done. And magically both of their lives will take a positive turn.

My advice for you!

Let’s see what’s wrong in your situation.

Look at the 8 points above and see what you have been doing in your life. Why haven’t you achieved your goals? What excuses you have made in the past and what pain you will go through if you don’t achieve your goals?

Now change your attitude to –

“I will not be a little bitch in 2015. I will get off my ass and Succeed!” – Coach Romi Gill

^^ tweet that shit!

Now post on your social media channels “I will do whatever it takes to Succeed in 2015″!

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