Victory over Cerebral Palsy, Joshua’s story


We often make excuses when it comes to doing anything positive, especially in Health and Fitness area or when we victimize ourselves to get pity votes from others.

I met Joshua in a Vegan bodybuilding group and I got really inspired by his story and wanted to share this to show you how he overcame what is seen by others as limitation and got on bodybuilding stage – something that is very challenging even for people who spend years in bodybuilding.

Here’s Joshua’s story in his own words:

“When I was born I suffered from a lack of oxygen to my brain which caused me to have cerebral palsy, throughout my life I have struggled with my speech, coordination and balance.

My motivation that initially sparked my interest for bodybuilding was the Stevie zee story! It’s a video about a guy with cerebral palsy who competed in bodybuilding.

The message I’d give to people is that consistency is key and your will power is always stronger than you think it is simply a case of mind over matter!:)”

– Joshua Whipday.

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Here’s Joshua’s pictures.

What’s your excuse?

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