This is why Moms and Wives need to be Selfish…


Listen up ladies, you need to be more selfish.

Not selfish to take what doesn’t belong to you,
instead, be selfish to take care of yourself.

You are the caretaker of the family
…you cook, clean, keep the home together,
you give, give and give.

In the end you don’t take care of the most important
person in the mix – YOU!

You end up being stressed, tired, overwhelmed,
and irritated, frustrated and sometimes overweight.

All because you are NOT selfish.

If you don’t take care of SELF, meaning YOU,
then your family will suffer…
because they depend you,
you keep them together.

Take some time for yourself,
to meditate, listen to music,
quiet walk or do things that relax your mind
or entertain you.

You will end up being the stronger version of yourself
both mentally and physically (fit) and
you will be happier.

Go ahead, Please Be Selfish.

P.S. Don’t be mean to others, take care of yourself and bring more happiness in your life.

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