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The Truth about Weight Loss Book Launch Team


Dear friends:  I need your help. Please join my Book Launch Team to help me become an Amazon Best Selling author in Canada.

PS: My book will be available worldwide.

Launch date:  Wednesday, March 18th @ 12pm noon

Purpose of my book:

I wrote this book because I love people and I want everybody to be strong both physically and mentally.  I can help more people through this book than working with them in person.

  1. Reach people who need help: My goal is to reach 1 million people who need help with their weight
  2. Create a community: I want to build a community of people where nobody condemns people for being overweight or other reasons. We all support each other reach their weight-loss and other goals

Team Member benefits:

  1. A free copy of my book (at my book launch party – April 11th, 2015), and an advanced digital (PDF) copy (before launch date)
  2. A special THANK YOU in gratitude section of my book and my website (with links to your personal or business website/blog and social channels)
  3. Free access to my “Step-by-Step 3-day Raw Food Cleanse” program (paid video program, valued at $47) coming in March.
  4. Part of Book Launch Team where I offer health & Fitness advice at no cost (this is ONLY available to group members)
  5. 50% off on my future courses

Team Member requirements:

  1. Help spread the word about the book in any way you can, to your existing platform and beyond, during the week of March 18th, 2015
  2. Read the book and post a review on Amazon
  3. Provide feedback about how to promote my book to help as many people I can
  4. Be in Vancouver area (so that you can get the book at Book Launch party). If you are not in Vancouver area, shipping cost may apply.

Team Member Sign-Up:

This team has 20 members, therefore to be fair, I will accept the first 20 people who message me.

To join, please send me a message on Facebook (My Id is Romi theMighty Singh Gill). I will add you to the private group.



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