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The Fittest Vegetarian Marathoner Fauja Singh turns 104 yrs


Singh (Lion) – Also the name given to Sikh men practicing their religion (Sikhi or Sikhism), who wear their Turban and beard with pride, who are brought up to be spiritual and fearless (without ego or hate).

Fauja Singh, born in 1911,  is the oldest marathon runner who just turned 104 yrs old and is still in good health. Shame on us younger people who b*tch and complain about how tough life is and who love to sleep in.

Mr Singh started running at 88 to cope with his son’s death who was around 45 yrs old. He had given up hope and could not think straight and had no direction in life. He moved to England with his second son where he started running. He thanks God for showing him direction in life.

Mr Singh wishes good health for everyone. He is a firm believer in God and relies on him when he loses strength while running. He doesn’t worry dying, instead he focusing on living a life of purpose and not

Mr Singh became famous when he completed the 26.2 mile distance in 6 hours and 54 minutes at the age of 93, knocking off 58 minutes from the previous world best for anyone in the 90-plus age bracket.

Mr Singh has appeared in media all over world (on TV, magazines,

I Run While Talking To God [Online Version] from Jessica Deutchman on Vimeo.

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