Melissa Krivachek – President, Briella Arion

MelissaRomi is an incredible young leader driven by a passion to help others grow, learn and become more confident through peak physical training and conditioning. His expertise in fitness and body building helps clients become comfortable and increase their level of stamina and endurance. Romi’s professionalism, knowledge, skills, abilities, and talent is unmatched and the results his clients receive leave them coming back and wanting more. I HIGHLY recommend working with Romi one-on-one or online his passion, enthusiasm, and charisma is contagious and will help you light a fire within. I can tell you from the thousands of dollars I’ve spent in gym memberships and trainers the results I’ve received on’t compare. 7 lbs. gone In 10 days with a few simple changes which included getting off my ass and working out and that’s only the beginning. (Yes he can be tough) I couldn’t ask for a better fitness accountability partner or inspiration. To many more successes and an incredible transformation!

(Junior) Romi Gill, Personal Trainer (India)

junior-romi-gillMr. Romi Singh Gill is a great personality. He constantly motivates me and Romi has made me into who I am today (a personal trainer).  Personal training is my passion and way to motivate others.




Joe Barnes, Journalist & heart attack survivor

joe-warnes Romi has taught me to have faith in my own abilities. Watching his accomplishments have brought me strength in my own physical training. I started a proper diet and an exercise program due to heart disease. I can only say that my doctor has nothing but praise for the changes that I have made in my own life. Romi was an example of what hard work and a positive attitude can accomplish in your life. Thanks Romi for being an inspiration on my bad days and a “fan” of mine on my good days. You are the best!


Lakhi Dhadda, Mother/Housewife

lakhi-dhaddaAs a person and as a life coach Romi is a kind, caring, and optimistic gentleman. He shows his kindness through the respect he has for others’ thoughts and feelings. He doesn’t ever put you down he lifts you up. He is a great role model for all ages, especially the youth in our community. Through his motivation and determination that is seen on his Facebook page I have been able to make healthier choices in my life. Thanks Romi. Keep doing what you do. You are great at it.


TJ Gillan, Model and aspiring Actor

tj-gillanI have known Romi for about 4 years now. I came to know about Romi through a dear friend. I contacted him and told him about my desire to bring a change in my physique. A meeting was scheduled and Romi took control of everything from my diet to my weight training. During my first two months of training with Romi I added about 15 pounds of muscle to my frame. I had always believed myself to be a hard gainer and believed that I didn’t have the right body type to gain muscle. Romi educated me on the various body types and told me that I was incorrect as in fact I had an athletic body type. The knowledge that Romi provided me increased my self-confidence manifold and fitness became a way of life for me, a passion. I religiously practice eating healthy every day and avoid alcohol and any type of drugs. There are a lot of trainers out there but not a single one that will provide you with the knowledge and education so that you can eventually lead by example to others. Romi finds success when his students, clients achieve success. Romi is not there to empty your pockets but in fact bring about a positive change in your lifestyle and assist you in making you a more positive and healthier being. After being under the guidance of Romi in terms of fitness nothing seems impossible to me anymore.

 Genio Pugliese, International Business Manager

Genio-PuglieseYou are a true leader who genuinely cares about others






Leonard Irwin, Coach

leonard-irwinKick-ass soft hearted Coach.






Tina Mackenzie, Mother/Housewife

TinaRomi has helped me make better food choices and weight loss options through advice and great inspirational posts through his social media He’s 100% all about natural food and weight loss supplements If I ever need advice or reassurance I call Romi Singh Gill (-:


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