The Mighty 20s Principle of Training

Romi’s “The Mighty 20s” Principle of Training for Bigger Biceps!!


What the hell is Romi’s “The Mighty 20s” Principle of Training?

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue…
Romi designed a cool new system for Fast Muscle Growth
Thank you!!

>>  Round of applause for me… Oh come on, don’t be mean!! It took me so long to write that poem :)

Ok, stop laughing, let’s get to business, shall we?

So as you all know I am this bodybuilder Singh who loves to train and has fun in everything he does, right!! If you didn’t know NOW YOU do :)

With me I always find ways to HACK THE SYSTEM!! Meaning I find shortcuts, and methods that help us achieve success in different areas of life in EASY way with LESS TIME and LESS EFFORT.

Whether it’s Health, Fitness, Business, Finances, Spirituality or Relationships, my approach is to do things different, in quick and efficient ways and produce better results. I cut the bullshit and keep the #RealShit and enjoy the whole process on my way to success. I have applied these principles to Spirituality, Finances, Business, Coaching and of course Fitness (both muscle building and fat loss).

We are focusing on muscle building right now, soon I will introduce same principles for fat loss as well.

According to Romi’s “The Mighty 20s” Principle of Training, you do 5 super-reps with 4 second squeeze between super reps.

Ooohhhh you had me at “Super reps”, Hey don’t be mean!!

OK, so 1 Super rep consists of 3 reps done at slightly fast but controlled speed with perfect form. No cheating AT ALL!! We use the weight that is fairly light, even though it hurts your ego. We use complete range of motion and go all the way down. Do no bounce the weight back up, unless your arms are burning.  We are going slightly faster pace because we are focused on squeeze at the top to make your “peak” grow. You will see the weights I am lifting.

Weights can go up AFTER when you get familiar with this movement and the current weight becomes easy.

Watch this video how it’s done for Bigger biceps.

Please Note: This is only 1 exercise, the complete program will be available for my clients only, no exceptions!



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