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Romi’s secret to eating so much sugar & still being fit



I grew up hearing that statement over and over from my parents, relatives and friends. When I was little, in India, I used to eat straight sugar. I’d fill up my pockets and run outside to play in the fields in my village. My mom got so scared she would hide the sugar and as a true detective I’d find it and get my sugar.

I’d eat sugar because it was sweet and I enjoyed munching on (organic raw) cane sugar crystals. Look at them how beautiful they look :)

Thanks to God, I am still healthy and diabetes free, but I still have a sweet tooth and I eat whatever I want, but being a bodybuilder maintaining muscle and lean physique is important to me. Therefore I take measures to make sure I stay healthy (unless it’s planned, like my #Roadto250 Series – Gain 10 lbs in 1 moth project).

Please don’t eat too much processed food, sugar or deep fried shit – it’s a shortcut  to obesity, disease and death!.

^ Tweet that shit!

But the honest truth is most of you can not sustain eating healthy everyday. Most people have the attitude of “I might as well eat cardboard” when it comes to eating healthy.

Here’s my secret to maintaining health & fitness while enjoying eating whatever the hell I want.  Everyday I eat one or two servings of healthy food -healthy carbs, proteins and fats.

Whether you eat healthy or not, your daily diet should include healthy food items, especially carbs. Carbohydrates give you energy and when you eat healthy carbs you have the energy, you get the nutrients, you feel full and for those who eat bad you can balance your nutrition with these foods.

I also exercise 5-6 days a week with light cardio.

Follow these 2 simple rules to not get too fat and unhealthy:

1. Eat at least 2 healthy meals daily

2. Exercise 2-3 times a week – even if it’s just a walk

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