Probably not going to compete in November 2015


There’s 90% chance that I will not compete in bodybuilding competition this year (2015).

Here’s the reasons why I am not competing…

1. Fitness is not main focus this year: This year my main focus is to become successful in my career and be in control of my finances. Over the past years I had focused on bodybuilding and helping people (some paid, but a lot for free). This year I am focused on becoming financially free along with helping others gain control in all areas of life (Mental health, financial health, spiritual health, emotional health, and physical health) because they are all important.

2. Nothing to gain from bodybuilding show: I have already competed in 4 bodybuilding shows and done well in 2 shows (placed 3rd). There’s really nothing to gain from competing – even if I win first place. There is Zero benefit for me other than ego boost (which I don’t need). Competitive bodybuilding is not my career, it’s just means to an end and a hobby for me.

3.  Time commitment It takes a lot of time commitment (daily) to prepare for the show. In the past I’ve given my 30% to competition prep therefore have not placed well. To win a show, I need to be more committed to training and nutrition everyday (minimum 4 hours daily). I am not able to dedicate that much time to a hobby at this point in my career.

4. Health risk: I am a natural vegetarian bodybuilder, but when you get ready for a show you have to participate in unhealthy practices to get rid of all fat and water from your body. Last year I got really sick the week of the show, and show day I was dying and could barely get up. Even as natural I still take caffeine and ephedrine (realistically, naturals are the ones who do not take any supplements whatsoever).  I have nothing against bodybuilders who use drugs to compete, it’s their decision and they are responsible for consequences.

5. No need for competition: I will still train everyday as usual. I don’t need to compete to stay fit. I will continue working on building a nice balanced body with low fat and visible abs.

6. 10% chance: If I am in a good enough condition in September and there are no career commitments, I will compete. Why not right? :)


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