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Mother-Son Reunited – a Mother’s Day Miracle

A touching Mother’s day Miracle

Miracles do happen and we are all capable, when with start with Love. I created one on Mother’s day.

I have a friend who did not have a great relation with his mom because of his life choices, mistakes and difference in philosophies and beliefs (generation gap).

The friend is dear to me, he is 40+ yrs old, let’s call him Jake (hiding his real name for privacy).

I was talking to him about mother’s day and he said he doesn’t get along with his mom and every conversation ends up in arguments and her blaming him for not being successful and not being very supportive.

As a coach, I understand where parents and kids come from and I wanted to unite a Man and his mom because the sour relationship with his mom was taking a toll on him and he needed to overcome this issue.

I told Jake to go see his mom and surprise her.

He was reluctant at first, but I insisted. He respects me and I explained to him the different it will make.

I gave him these instructions:
– Go with an open heart filled with love for your mom
– Expect her to be the same as criticize you
– Even if she is mean you CAN NOT ARGUE. You will let her vent
– Tell her “I love you”
– You will not complain, and only show love
– Spend time with her – go for coffee, dinner, walk etc

He reluctantly agreed and he had to take action the same day because it was Mother’s day.

I followed up today and it went exactly as I planned.

Here’s how it went in Jake’s words:

“I gave her a present and I told her how much I loved her and I felt great of releasing deep pain gone releasing. We went for a walk with our dogs. I was great feeling!!”

“I was open because I was pushed to go see her at 7pm on Sunday night and remember what you told me to go just do it.
No conflict just me having going there I was open hearted and it was great feeling.”


This made me really happy.

Moral of the story:
When you go with love, and temporary suspend (you don’t have to forgive or forget) negative feelings, and leave ego behind, miracles happen.

You are able to transform a “bad” relationship into a good one.

Ego hurts, Love heals.

Always share love with everyone.

A touching Mother’s day Miracle

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