High Protein Vegetarian Recipes

Make a high-protein Vegetarian meal in 5 minutes with no prep


Watch this video to see how you can prepare a healthy high-protein meal ready in 5 minutes.

We usually miss meals when we don’t have enough time to prepare food and end up eating junk food because we run out of options to eat a “ready” meal.

Cottage Cheese – 1 container
Veggies: 2 tomatoes, 10 baby carrots, Broccoli, Cucumber
Flavor: Hot Sauce
Protein: 66g, Carbs: Less than 20g

Estimated preparation time: Less than 5 minutes

Let’s do this!

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  • Hi, i’m 15 yr old and i have started doing some workout. I work on different muscles each day, however i think my dieting is not good enough. Can u tell me what daily routine should i follow? I go to school as well and i take pack lunch and i eat meat as well. Can u tell me what workout do i should do?

    • You should not be lifting heavy or too much weight yet, focus on doing 2-3 bodyparts a day two-three times a week. Main exercises you should focus on are Deadlifts, Squats (all the way down), Barbell bench press, and shoulder press. Perfect the form on these exercises, weight doesn’t matter.

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