Launch date for my Second Book


Ladies and Gentlemen! I am delighted to announce that my book will be available on Amazon for purchase on March 18t, 2015.

Title: The Truth about Weight Loss. How to Lose Unwanted Fat in 3 months or less.

PS: It’s my goal to make it a bestseller. My mastermind group challenged me and I will make it happen. And I NEED YOUR HELP to make this happen. BOOM.

It’s going to be practical book, easy to read, with pictures, and stuff that you can take a picture of and share on Social media. I am looking to reach a million people and make a difference in the lives of at least 100,000 people.

I am really thankful to my business success group who has been pushing me to reach my goals (book is one of them). Thanks Ricky Shetty, Tyson Wong, Aaron D’Souza and Raymond Chou.

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