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Inspirational Tammy lost 257 lbs in two years


35 mom of 7 getting her life back
my journey started march 2/2012 and still going



Every overweight person who is not doing anything to lose weight has a ton of excuses and people or things to blame as to why they are not losing weight. In this day and age most people think if we have an excuse to justify bad lifestyle then it is OK to lead that lifestyle.

Tammy’s story inspired me so much that I was speechless. Tammy connected with me via Facebook and shared her before and after pic. I was inspired by her commitment and dedication so much that I had to share her story.

Tammy is a mother of 7 (Yes 7 kids aged 4-14 years old, I asked her twice to confirm, haha). Tammy started at 441 lbs and she currently (April, 2014) weighs 184 lbs, that is 257 lbs in two years. I think she deserves a standing ovation.

Here’s Tammy’s story in her words:

“Honest what got me fat was i gave birth to twin boys feb 4 2010 and my one son passed away at 10 days old .after that food become my best friend. I knew I was big and getting bigger but food made me happy, my husband never complained about my size but I needed the change I am a mother of 7 kids and they need me around. My mother passed away at 53 to being overweight. I had to change for my kids and husband.”

Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a mother and this mishap leaves most people depressed and scarred for life. Tammy gathered courage and decided to take care of her health to be there for her kids and stopped all excuses and get herself to exercise.

I asked Tammy what her goals are.

“My goal is to become a personal trainer to help obese people get back their lives. I also need to have skin removal in the near future, but I am learning to love myself right now and working hard to tone as much as possible.”

I love to share inspirational stories to motivate people to take care of their health and their life. Tammy was really grateful that someone is actually sharing her story. People in her circle always put her down and mocked her. She still kept on doing what needs to be done.

Do you think you have problems in life, check this out:

“Oh ya, and another thing I have one hip also my right hip I busted in a car accident in 97. I manage to get me to where I am with out any excuses. People have a lot of excuse in life but i never let my hip fail me i even run. Shocking but true.”

“Even if i could inspire only one person it would make me feel proud, it means a lot to me for someone to take time out of their own life to share my story, I am so thankful for you.

I guess I was always scared to share it because on my mothers side they are negative people and always trashed me on social media and make me feel like a fat loser in the past. Thanks again.”

Tammy you are “loser of Fat” but a winner in my mind, and I hope people learn from you and make changes in their life. Stay strong, and always remember when you start to become successful, people will always hate you and try to bring you down, but you must continue doing the right thing and stay positive.


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Winning by losing, one pound at a time

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