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Improve Mental Strength by escaping rooms at Locked Canada


locked-canada-1I love games. We all do. I’ve played them all – childhood street games to video games to games at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition fair in Vancouver, BC). What excites us about games is the joy of victory or hope to win. We always want to complete all the levels of a game and get the best scores.

The newest trend in video games is “escape room” concept. In escape room game you are the player, you enter the game where you are locked in a series of rooms. This game is usually played in a group of 2 or more people. You have to find keys using available clues in the room to open various locks and get out and proceed to the next room.

You have 45 minutes to exit the room.  You can book more time and you get 2 clues (every 45 minutes) when you get stuck and become hopeless.

I went with my Mastermind group to play the game as a team building activity. We were a driven bunch of 5 guys determined to beat the game and exit within 45 minutes.

We worked as a team and rushed to find clues but were not able to open all locks, we had to get a hints to move to second room and then third room.

We were given an extension for 10 minutes but we were stuck in the last room.

The whole experience was exciting and full of adrenaline rush. We failed, but we are determined to come out next time we go there. And we plan to go there soon.

Here’s some of the lessons that I learnt from this experience:

  1. Mastermind benefit: Working in a team, where more than one brain is involved, has more benefits than working alone. You get more ideas and you solve problems faster.
  2. Value of time: When you are crunched for time you are able to get more done in less time. If you take time for granted, you don’t get much done. When you don’t have any time limit or deadline, you let things drag and you end up procrastinating.
  3. Mental Strength: You gain mental strength when you try to find keys and open locks. You think different and you use your brain power to escape the game rooms. Cell phones are not allowed which makes you use your brain power.
  4. Focus: You are completely focused on task at hand when you are trying to find keys and open locks.
  5. Fun: This is a real life game therefore lots of fun. You always want to go back for more.

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