If you hate Mondays, try this…

If you hate Mondays, try this…
One of the scariest & most hated word,
it makes us feel dreadful, frustrated, and fatigued.
I am not going to say “make the best of it”,
instead, I invite you to make a decision.
It’s a fact that Monday comes every week and nobody can change it.
Sometimes, and most of the time, Monday is going to suck – for most people
We can’t eliminate Mondays,
but we can only change how it affects our mood.
Here’s a 3-step formula to fix it:
Step 1: Accept the reality of Mondays (you don’t have to like it).
Step 2: Own your emotions…
Whether things are good or bad, it’s up to you to allow frustrattion ruin your day or calm.
Step 3: Eat light dinner Sunday afternoon (unhealthy meal affects your performance the next day).
How are you going to see Mondays now – Positively or negatively?

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