How to Lose Belly Fat in 13 days with this Quick & Easy Workout

lose belly fat in 13 days

As you know me I am am a Transformation Coach and Author, I specialize in ways to make hard things easy, especially fat loss.

Try this exercise routine, either at home or gym to reduce your belly fat.

Please note: If you eat shitty food, nothing will help, therefore make sure you cut out processed foods and other crap that we all know is unhealthy. You can eat regular home cooked meals.

Do 3-5 total sets of these. Each set will have 8-12 reps (as many as you can handle), if 12 is easy do 25 reps. The whole exercise should take you approximately 9 minutes.


1. Mountain climbers: Go on the floor on your hands with one foot between your arms and one behind you. All you have to do is switch your foot from between your arms and back and alternate. Do it fast. Do at least 12 reps for both legs. 12 reps is super easy, try going for 15-30.

2. Kettlebell Swings: If at home, use a phone directory (that what they are good for these days – use as weight) or something that weighs 5-10 lbs depending on what you can handle. Stand with your legs wide that hips and weight between your legs. Swing the weight down and behind you and use the momentum and leg & hip strength to thrust the weight up to your /chest height and  let it come down. Keep your back straight and feet firm on ground, or you will hurt your back. Do 8-12 reps.

3. Standing Elbow to Knee crunches: I came up with these in 2004 before my first bodybuilding competition to bring out sharper abs. Do 8-12 reps.

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  • Sir actually I have done workout for body build up. BT I have less knowledge about what actual effect of that exercise or which part of body builded. So I want full training with u so I make my future better in this line.

    • For full body workout it’s best to do each body part separately:
      Abs can be done with any day.

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