How to battle problems in life


It’s a known fact that our life is full of problems – some of which are created by nobody but ourselves. Still, there are some people who have a life to kill for. We look at these people and curse them and think they are lucky to have such an easy life.

You know me, The Mighty Singh, I am always looking for secret solutions to problems. Those who seek answers always experiment and use themselves as guinea pigs and reveal stuff that works. PS: don’t you dare call me a pig or I will come kick your ass.

I always observe people from different walks of life and different age groups and I have come to a conclusion that most problems have a common cause. Most of the pain and suffering in life is self inflicted.

Most common cause is confusion between attention and intention. Our intention is happiness and success but our attention is not always in line with our intention.

Let me explain.

  • In business and finance, everybody wants to be successful but not all are willing to put in the work it takes
  • In health and fitness, everybody wants a healthy and fit body but not all are willing to exercise and eat healthy
  • In relationships, everybody wants to be liked but not all want to give love and respect to others

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die!

Our attention is on rituals rather than the actual activities that lead to success. Rituals are the acts that make us look busy or give an impression of “hard work” but in reality nothing but lack of focus and waste of time.

People are programmed to justify their mistakes and find someone or something to blame  for their failure. Not many people accept responsibility for their actions that lead to failure (our ego gets hurt).

Well genius, what should I battle these problems?

Do not fear failure and quit

First of all, you need to realize that failure is part of success. Nobody becomes successful without failing several times. Failures teach us what we need to eliminate and move on to different approach. Put your ego aside and accept responsibility for failing and keep going until you succeed.

Don’t expect things to be handed to you

You should be willing to give it all it takes to be successful. Do not expect to get what you want without putting in work. When we get things handed to us we don’t appreciate it as much as getting results after working hard.

Enjoy the journey

The road to success teaches us several lessons and it should be used to not make same mistakes again. When you enjoy the journey, it becomes easier to accept failure and we are well-prepared for the road ahead of us.

Don’t be an asshole

Always love and respect people, even those who are mean to you. Sometimes evil people want love and that is all it takes to turn their life around. If someone continues to be mean to you avoid and ignore them and cut them out of your lives. When you love and respect people, you will notice that magically you are surrounded by good-hearted people. Always teach the lesson of love and respect to people around you.

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Source: Romi’s Book of Secrets

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