How I “magically” Lost 5 inches in 15 days (No Diet, No Gym)


I am a strong believer in power of our mind. I lead by example and to demonstrate mental power I made this video where I “magically” lost 5 inches in 15 days without diet or gym.

I posted a 15-day challenge video on May 7th,2015 (click this link to watch my original announcement video), where I announced I was going to lose 8-10 inches and have nice abs in 15 days.

I made this annoucement for 3 reasons:
1. To inspire others to start losing weight
2. To show the actual weight loss process
3. To demonstrate the power of human mind

Everybody has their own process they follow to lose weight, I am sharing my process based on my knowledge and experience. Feel free to apply these changes to your life and benefit from my knowledge – there’s nothing to lose, other than Fat, haha.

I am a Mind & Body Transformation Coach who fixes people’s mind and shows them how to achieve their goals faster and easier.

In this video I demonstrate the first step of weight loss. When someone is committed to making a change the first thing they do is make the decision to make the change happen.

The decision to do something is the most critical step in any area of life that you want to change. If you are not getting the result you want, it simply means you have not made the decision to change.

Majority of people who start doing things without first making the decision end up failing.

To prove the power of our mind I didn’t change anything with my diet or exercise. I didn’t train at the Gym, I did the same exercise – outdoor  cardio at the park. I was eating junk food daily such as fries, bread, sweet food, pop corn, pop, ice cream, pizza, Indian sweets etc.

Result: I lost 5 inches on my stomach and 2.5 inches on my waist in 15 days.

This proves when you make a decision magic happens. And to lose weight your fat becomes softer first and you have lose skin. This is what happens during weight loss.

What’s next?
Over next 15 days I will improve my look (lose more weight, and increase muscle mass) by eating healthy and doing weight training at the gym.

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