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High Protein Vegan Meal #2 (with Black Chickpeas)


People always complain how you “need to” eat meat in order to get your iron, especially those who are anemic (low iron in body).  What’s sad is that their doctor prescribes them meat.

I am not even going to talk about “where do you get your protein” argument in this post.

Luckily, this meal is not only light but also packed with Protein, but also has high iron, calcium and fiber content.

Fiber is the carbs our body doesn’t digest but it works wonders for our health – main benefits being it lowers Cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.

Food Portion Sizes

Note: This is a now a low-calorie meal – these portions are for me (at 6 ft tall and 235 lbs) only. Adjust portion size according to your body requirements.

Black Chickpeas (also called Kala Chana or Kaley Cholley in Hindi/Punjabi): 1 Cup
Quinoa and Amaranth mix: 1 Cup (boiled)
Raw, unsalted Peanuts: 1/4 cup

Macro-nutrients (Macros)

Protein: 45.5
Carbs: 87
Fiber: 26 (This is very high amount of Good carbs)
Fat: 30
Calories: 802

Notable minerals

Some of the nutrients to be noted about this meal are Fiber, Calcium and Iron.

This meal has 26g Fiber which is more than 100% recommended Fiber for adults (25g). This should make you scream “Holy Sh*t” with excitement.

This meal has 186 mg Calcium which is 19% DV, and has 10.4 mg Iron which is 57% DV (this is approximately the same amount of iron that you can find in a chicken meal).

*%DV stands for Percent Daily Value is the recommended amount of macro and micro nutrients based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


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