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Exercise and Cardio #RoadTo250


Let’s talk about Exercise and cardio during my 1 month weight gain goal of 10 lbs.


My workouts follow a one body part a day split. I train 5 days a week and group my body parts into Legs, Back, Chest, Shoulders, and arms. Abs are trained 2-3 times a week. This training split works best for me as it lets me train each body part with full intensity (I don’t like 2 body parts a day splits because you can only train first body part with full intensity and second bodypart becomes an afterthought).I do stretching before and after the workout and sometimes in between as needed.

For each exercises I do 4 sets of 8-12 reps and for one exercise each bodypart I go up to 7 sets where I lift super heavy and do drop sets. These exercises are Squats (I do deep squats, all the way down), deadlift (Sumo style wide leg without bouncing weight off the floor), flat barbell bench press, seated duumbbell shoulder press (or behind the neck barbell shoulder press), dumbbell curls (or barbell curls), seated tricep extensions (or weighted dips between two benches),

My goal is to break my personal record of 3 major lifts – Squats (4 plates – 405 lbs), deadlift (5 plates – 495 lbs), bench press (3 plates and 25 – 365 lbs) and become stronger. I execute each exercise with strict form and for my super heavy lifts there is cheating and support from my spotter involved.


Cardio is critical even during bulking otherwise we end up adding too much body fat. For cardio, walk on a incline treadmill with fast walking speed (4.2) and an incline of 3 for 15 minutes everyday. Sometimes I go for a walk in trail at a park.

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