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Do you fear Judgement or are you ready to grow?


This is how being Judged will help you succeed!

Judgement from others or ourselves gives us the drive to “not stay content” or “not stay in current situation” and not be “comfortable” with current situation. Why? because if you are not growing you are drying because “just existing” in life does not make us excited and happy. If nobody was judged, a lot of people would be overweight. if nobody was judged there would be lots of criminals, if nobody was judged there would be no Reality TV shows, lol.

be-judged-or-be-ignored Judging is often confused with slamming and put-downs. There are a lot of assholes out there who try to put others down through criticism, while there are cool people like me who care about everybody and want them to make a positive difference in life.

Judging always hurts our ego just how compliments make us feel good. It accepted, judgement makes us grow beyond imagination.

Successful people are always welcome criticism because it points out their weaknesses, and knowledge of weakness helps them work on them to improve. Successful people don’t complain and see criticism as free positive advice rather than a put-down.


Here’s a Fact, that applies to a lot of people, I have learnt through my personal experience and observing thousands of people:  1 mean comment from someone will motivate you more to take action than 20 motivational speeches.

Another Fact: Who fears judgement? Thieves, criminals. Who fears Police: again people who have committed a crime.

What are you going to do? Do you fear Judgement or are you ready to grow?

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