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Of course, we all do when we are little because as a child nobody can tell you anything is impossible. You believe everything can be done and can’t understand why parents say no to you. Your attitude is “Why not?”. Instead of wanting 1 thing you want 2, one for you and one for your friend. You are full of love, ambition, excitement and you are unstoppable.

When you are a child people motivate you to do more of what you love doing, and you are curious, creative and not worried about what people will say. You are not afraid to ask silly questions. You think of yourself as a superhero. You are Limitless.

But when you become a grown up person, you don’t have the same ambition, same excitement, same curiosity, and you start worrying about the opinions of others and you start doubting your abilities and your self-worth.

You are conditioned to think a certain way, you are programmed to live a certain way, you are supposed to act one way, you are supposed to eat and look a certain way, and you are even programmed to have a set of problems to identify with. You are nothing but sheep.

You are no longer a superhero, you have limits, and you laugh at the thought of expressing yourself and being the person you are. That passion, desired curiosity is gone.

Is this how you feel? Do you feel you are limitless?

Do you want that Childhood magic again?

I will show you how you can get that childhood magic again in my article tomorrow “NO LIMITS WITH ROMI MAGIC“.

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