Do NOT do 20-day or 30-day Fitness Challenge workouts!


You made the right decision to get rid of extra weight and I want to support your journey to become fit, proud, and happy.

I love people and it’s fascinating how so many motivated people have to give up on their weight loss journey simply because of following a program that is not best suited for them.

20-day and 30-day Fitness Challenge programs are popular because of how hard you need to push yourself everyday to get to day 30 with a hope to lose weight somewhere in the process.

Did you know about the dangers of 20/30-day Fitness Challenge workouts that could make you gain more weight?

Yes! There are hidden dangers of these workouts. Don’t worry; you are in good hands because I will help you, my new friend, protect yourself from these hidden dangers.

Here’s the hidden dangers you may not aware of:

  • These workouts will produce amazing results if you are already lean and you have good stamina for this type of intense training, but are you?
  • Initially they are easy but, over time, they make you overtrain and overexert
  • Daily incremental workload, something most trainers will not recommend, can lead to injury because of overuse and injury of supporting muscles groups
  • Common injuries are tense or sore hip flexors, lower back pain, or have severe pain in back, cramps in legs, and sore calves and/or whole body soreness
  • There is no challenge after 20/30-day period is over and with no results you will

The biggest danger is that you become too sore or injured and unable to go to work the next day. You become frustrated and de-motivated to train and give up on program that caused nothing but pain.

Are you interested in losing weight the safe way?

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