Connect With Your True Self With YUOLOGY



If these thoughts cross your mind regularly…

I want to quit my job and run away.
I can’t keep up with social media.
I always try to please others, I can never be myself.
What’s the point of my existence?
What’s happiness?

…and you use the following words to describe yourself:

No Balance.

Do you ever think you need to be free and be your own person?

You need not worry because you are not alone. And luckily, there’s a solution to ALL of your problems.

This solution will help you to break free.

Last weekend I attended “YUOLOGY” Masterclass – a 2.5-day in-person class led by life stylist Tonia Mattu, a certified coach.
Although Yuology is for professional women, Tonia sometimes allows men to benefit from this class.
Thanks Tonia.


This is what other attendees had to say about this class:

“Realizing and knowing I have power and the tools I need, instead of feeling powerless I feel powered. I feel sense of myself and feel grounded. I will redesign and create the shift in my life. I can envision it and feel I can do it. I realized what my true values are. I am very self-aware right now in this moment.”

“I realized that I could be a lot more vulnerable than I am. I can arrange my thoughts that I have wrestled with for a while. It is a good exercise for me I had never looked deeply at my Why. I am going to go deeper and examine some of my wants.”

“I came for motivation because I had a lot going on in my head. I was overwhelmed lacking motivation, how am I going to get it all done? Yuology helped me connect with my real purpose in helping others. I shifted from my personal reasons to my bigger purpose, I feel much more motivated and excited and great about the path and taking one day at a time and enjoying the process.”

“Yuology helped me let go of things I don’t need. There are areas I am more inhibited in, I got some tools that have helped me get rid of things that don’t fit with who I am.”

“I feel very awake. My thoughts had been scattered and I questioned whether I was making the right choices. After doing these exercises, I realized that I really want. It is quite emotional. I feel very connected to myself what I want to do and what I want to achieve. It’s a big shift. Instead of being confused, I know what to do with my day. I feel very free. I like the whole process.”

yuology-ToniaYUOLOGY Masterclass is an experiential journey of self-exploration, which can be emotional.

Tonia created the concept of YUOLOGY after going through her personal struggles and spending over a year figuring out a system that she can use to help people like myself.

YUOLOGY talks about 5 core elements of connection within ourselves:

1. Intuition (Being Present) – How to connect to your present and how to find your flow.
2. Vulnerability (Being Courageous) – How to connect with your whole self – both the good side, and the dark side.
3. Authenticity (Being Empowerment) – How to connect to your essence, your gifts that are unique to you.
4. Curiosity (Being Hopeful) – How to connect to your potential, looking at life from new perspective, experimentation, trying things, engagement
5. Intention (Being Aligned) – Connecting to your desires and feelings that make you feel good. Linking choices and actions with your desires. You will create an aligned lifestyle that matches desires.

After learning about these core elements, I am able to understand my limiting beliefs that held me back. I am more conscious about the thoughts in my head; I am able to catch myself when I slip back in my weak thoughts and behavior.

What resonated the most with me was Authenticity and Vulnerability. I believed I was authentic and vulnerable, but after going through this masterclass, I was able to go deeper and get insights about myself in a way I never thought before. The self-exploration allowed me to understand my past failures.

We hold the power to change ourselves because these core elements lay dormant within us. We don’t truly understand something until we apply it to our life. YUOLOGY helps us ignite these core elements and we become radioactive with hope.

I was able to connect with my values, my real reasons for doing what I do. This class was a real transformational experience. I feel recharged, connected, powerful, and free.

I’d recommend this course to anyone who is really confused, overwhelmed, and stuck. YUOLOGY will set you free by taking us through various exercises throughout the masterclass.

Stop being a stranger and connect with yourself.

You hold the power within – allow yourself to be free.


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