Complete Arm Workout (Biceps and Triceps)


I do different exercise routines pretty much every workout, but here’s one sample workout which you can try. This routine will give you a killer pump and it should be finished within 1 hour. Take 1-2 minutes rest between each exercise and 30 seconds to 1 minute between each set. For 1-arm exercises no rest is needed.

Exercise 1: Tricep Rope Press-downs superset with Straight Bar Reverse Curls

*Superset means do two exercises, one exercise after another with no rest. 3×20 means 3 sets with 20 reps in each set.

I start with Rope press-downs to warm up triceps and this exercise warms up your elbows too. Keep the weight fairly light on this exercise. Keep the rep speed slightly fast and squeeze your triceps at the bottom of each exercise.

Tricep Rope Press-downs 3×20

Straight Bar Reverse Curls 3×20


Exercise 2: Wide Grip EZ-bar Curls

Hold the EZ bar (also called curly bar or cambered bar) from the outer curve with wide grip. Start from the bottom position with your arms fully extended (don’t worry about locking out elbows) to completely stretch your biceps. Bring them up all the way close to your chest and squeeze your biceps. And repeat.

Keep the weight light for first warm-up set and pyramid up (increase weight with every set) for 3 working sets.

Sets and Reps: Keep the reps at normal slower pace to extend and contract your biceps.

1×12 (Light weight), 3×12 (heavier weight)


Exercise 3: Bench Dips (old school exercise)

This exercise is not very common these days because it’s difficult and places a lot of stress on your shoulder/trap area. But it’s an amazing size builder for triceps.

If you are new to this place your fee on the ground and hands just outside of your hips on a bench. Make sure the bench is steady and doesn’t move.  Then simply bring your glutes (ass or buttocks) all the way close to ground and back up.

Once you get a hang of this exercise proceed to two benches. Hand position stays the same and your feet will be placed on a bench that’s placed at leg length distance from you. Place both feet in the middle of the bench, feet and knees touching each other and bring your ass all the way close to the floor, and back up.

When this becomes easy you can place weight on you (I prefer plates, you can add 10lbs, 25, 35, 45 or multiple 45’s), and weight should be placed on your thighs by a training partner. I go up to 3 plates (45 lbs) and I have two spotters placing weight on me and taking it off when I am done.

Make sure you have a training partner to place the weight and take it off or else you will get hurt.

Sets and reps: Keep the reps slow to feel it in your triceps.

4 x 15 (Pyramid up in weight)


Exercise 4: Zottman Curls (old school exercise)

This is another exercise that you will rarely see people doing in the gym because it’s old school and you can’t lift too much weight on this exercise.

This is similar to regular dumbbell curls only difference being you start with your palms facing front going up and you rotate the dumbbells so that your palms face down on the way down. At the bottom rotate the dumbbells again and face your palm up. Repeat.

Rep speed has to be super slow to really feel it, if you throw the dumbbells around there’s no point doing this exercise. Also keep the weight light.

Sets and Reps: 4 x 8-12


Exercise 5: Single Arm Dumbbell Kickbacks

These don’t need much explanation. Use a bench and place one knee on the floor and  other knee and one hand on the bench to balance. Hold a dumbbell in the hand that is free. Bring your elbow all the way up so that it’s at 90 degrees to your shoulder (upper arm is parallel to the floor) and it stays there. Bring your hand from 90 degree angle to all the way back so that it’s almost straight at 180 degree angle with your upper arm squeezing the tricep. Then bring it down stretching the tricep. Repeat

To really feel your triceps keep rep speed slower and weight should not be too heavy. You can pyramid up in weight.

Sets and Reps: 3 x 15 (per side)


Exercise 6: Single Arm Half-rep Cable Curls facing away from machine (lower half)

I use this exercise to focus on bottom half of my biceps. All tall guys have this problem as the limbs are longer and need more work to fill up muscles. Stand facing away from the machine holding D-handle grip in your hand (palm facing up), take one step away from the machine so that there’s tension in your bicep. From this starting position, bring the handle up to 90 degree angle and then go back to starting position, and repeat.

Sets and Reps: Keep rep speed slower and weight light to feel the burn and no swinging allowed in this.

3 x 15 (per side)


Exercise 7: Machine Curls

By now your arms should be toast. This last exercise will kill your biceps. You can either sit or stand with elbows at between middle and top point of the pad. This allows your elbows to stretch without placing your elbows in a dangerous lockout position. Start at the bottom position and bring it to the top squeezing your biceps at each rep.

Since this is a finishing exercise, keep the weight low (25 lbs or 45 lbs) and do reps at slightly fast pace.

Sets and Reps: 3 x 25-40



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