Build Big Arms with Tricep Pressdowns [Video]

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This are the mistakes most people make when they train Triceps which prevents muscle growth:

1. Lifting too much weight: Lifting more weight that you can handle makes you lift with bad form.

2. Bad Form: when you lift with bad form you only move weight from one point to another. Although you do spend energy in this process the energy is not spent on muscle. The energy is wasted and your muscle looks the same after months of training and “heavy lifting”.

3. Limited Range of Motion: when you don’t squeeze or stretch your muscle fully you are only doing half a rep even though it appears to tire you.

4. Using Body English: to lift super heavy weight on Tricep pressdowns people tend to lean with their back and shoulders on the rope or bar to push the weight down.

Majority of people make all of the above 4 mistakes. I constantly get inquiries why their arms don’t grow. This is the reason why.

How to do Tricep pressdowns the right way:

You can use any attachment but the movement is same for all. Rope attachment is usually the hardest followed by V-bar/EZ bar (curly bar) and the easiest one is straight bar.

Bring the pulley all the way to the top and use the attachment you want to use.

Step back 1-1.5 foot back from the machine and make sure the pulley is in front of you right in between your shoulder blades.

Move your elbows slightly forward in line with your shoulders and bend slightly from your hips (about 10 degrees). This will make sure when you press down your arms and forearms are in straight line.

Now keep your lower body fixed and press the attachment down and squeeze your triceps. When you come up make sure you don’t lift your elbow up otherwise tension is relieved from tricep and you will not stretch it fully.

I recommend 12-15 reps per set to get a good burn and 4 sets. Start with light weight and work your way up. Only do 8 reps if your weight heavy otherwise stay at 12 reps.

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