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Blenders recommended by Romi

Recommended blenders for shakes and smoothies

Since I have used several products in my fitness journey for 15 years, I will be sharing product reviews about products that I have used or the ones I trust.

Let’s start with Blenders.

Blenders recommended by Romi

You need blenders to make your shakes or smoothies or to blend ingredients for your food. I have used several blenders over time and currently own 4 blenders – Cheap, decent priced, and super expensive.

My favorite is this little blender by Nutribullet. Love this because it’s perfect for one smoothie and you blend in the cup and then drink out of the same cup. It makes it easier and then you have less dishes to clean.

What sucks is you can only make 1 glass smoothie at a time. To make more than one, you need a bigger blender.

Price range: $90 – $130

Click the image to buy Nutribullet blender from Amazon.

buy nutribullet blender from Amazon

Click the image to buy Nutribullet blender from Amazon.



Full size Professional-Blenders

I own Vitamix and Ninja blenders and I have seen my friends and shops use Blentec. Here’s what’s good about each of these.

Ninja Professional Blender:

I got Ninja a few months ago when my cousin stole my Vitamix blender. This blender has an insane 6 blades inside and it comes out for easy wash. I love the blades because there’s 2 blades at the bottom, 2 in the middle and 2 towards the top. If anybody has ever made a jug full of smoothie knows you have to sit and wait for the damn veggies at the top to go down. This blade chops them from top to bottom and smoothie is done very fast compared to other blenders. The blades are so sharp once my friend dropped it on a big thick glass and split the glass in half, only a few inches above the glass.

It has a sealed lid with a corner latch that opens which allows you to pour the smoothie out in a shaker cup. It’s very easy to wash and clean after (you gotta be careful not to cut your hand while cleaning the blade).

Because of insane blades it liquifies everything from nuts to carrots to ice.
*I haven’t tried blending an iPhone with it like that Blendtec experiment, haha. I am sure it could easily damage it.

Price range: $70 – $200+

(Click the image to buy Ninja Professional Blender from Amazon)

buy Ninja Professional Blender

Click the image to buy Ninja Professional Blender from Amazon


Vitamix Professional Blender:

This blender is great as it has more “power” – which is why the company calls them “high performance blenders”. It does a great job and it has an opening at the tip of the lid where you can push the veggies down with this plastic piece that comes with it.

Price range: $249 – $600+

(click image to buy Vitamix professional blender from Amazon)

buy Vitamix high performance professional blender

Click image to buy Vitamix blender from Amazon

 Blendtec Professional Blender:

If you are single, if any blender could get you a date based on the brand – this is it. Tell them you own a Blendtec and half the work is done… haha. OK, maybe not, maybe I am just a sucker for cool blenders.

Blentec is top of the line blender that almost every smoothie shop and supplement store owns (the ones who sell fresh shakes). For that reason they don’t come cheap.

This is one blender with “Shut up and take my money” attitude from people (who can afford one).

These blenders can blend an iPhone, an iPad and even the wooden part of a rake – don’t ask why they do it, but they do. Check this video where the incinerate a beautiful phone in their famous video series “Will it blend” that get millions of views.

Price range: $350+

(click here to buy Blendtec professional blender from Amazon)

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the phones and gadgets they destroyed. So sad. Anyways, let’s enjoy the video, haha.


buy Blendtec Professional blender

Click the image to buy Blendtec Professional blendec from Amazon

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