Biggest Lesson I Learnt from a Homeless Man about Happiness


One of my students, who I helped overcome depression (yes, without any pills), asked me this question “Coach, do people in third world country have problems such as depression?”.

I used to ponder on this question when I was at a low point in my life but got out, Thanks to God. Here’s what I concluded…

We live in a world where our life becomes more comfortable every year with help of technology. Technology is taking over manual labor we used to perform giving us more time to perform other tasks.

In this day and age, food is easier to cook, clothes/dishes are easier to wash, jobs are not hard to find, there is lots of money to go around (for most), credit cards are available, shopping is easier, TV’s and phones have become bigger and smarter and out brain capacity has become smaller.

“If you don’t have a Smartphone, what do you have?” A Dumbphone
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People who live in third world countries have too much of poverty and they are worried about the real needs – food, shelter and clothes and they spend most of their time worrying about these needs. Rarely do they have time to worry about other things (unless of course there’s disease, death or other type of oppression from the richer people or politicians).

These people, from what I have heard (from people who go to these countries to volunteer), are content with what they have and are very thankful and happy.

I will share my experience with homeless people in a minute.

In third world countries, we have so much free time and life is comfortable, and what do we do? We have created problems called “First World Problems” (originated from funny memes community).

First World Problems are non-problems (as one of my friends told someone who was sad over not able to find a guy) that we have created in First World Countries. We have become greedy, selfish and our ego gets hurt very easily.

We focus on looking good, become greedy for likes (people like me, haha) – on social media or in- person, look for acceptance and validation from others, not able to accept rejection, get angry over little things, become worried about not having enough, have greed for more, and never satisfied. Not many people focus on getting happiness or peace.

“Money can’t buy happiness! Why would you buy something that is free?” – Coach Romi Gill
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We have all that we need yet we chose to live a miserable life full of hate, envy, anger, greed, attachment and lust. We make our life miserable.

I was fortunate enough to visit a homeless shelter in Surrey and after giving people gifts (food and clothes), I sat with a few guys and asked them to share their story with me. It was an emotional experience and one man started crying (he was over 50), he said “Money and things don’t matter to us, all you have to do is smile, real smile”.

I asked him what’s the secret to happiness and he gave me the biggest lesson of my life. He said “all you have to do is to get up and he happy”, and he added “when you are happy, it will radiate from your body and others will feel it. That’s all.”

I was speechless, I felt so ashamed of all the times I have been “gwumpy” when I had food to eat, place to live and clothes to wear.

I looked back at my life and realized that all of the times I’ve been sad or down have mostly to do with lack of inner peace. I was so touched that I was kind of numb with emotions for two days.

The same day my car got broken into with driver side window smashed and I was not worried at all. Why? because the deed had already happened and I could not change the past. Being unhappy was not going to help. I had my wallet in the car which the thieves missed, so I was thankful.

My lesson to you is to free yourself from all the worries, stop thinking about the past because it will only make you guitly and sad, and stop thinking about future it will only make you worried. Live in the present, focus on “Living your life” with passion and purpose. When you do this your future will be very pleasant.

Here’s what I want you to do to find happiness…
Analyze your life and think about about the following questions…

  • Am I  you still “gwumpy”?
  • Am I happy?
  • What am I  willing to let go?
  • Do I want to be free?

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