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Become Limitless with Romi Magic Formula


So you are grown up now and you have lost the childhood magic but every now and then you remember the fun childhood memories and brush it off saying something along the lines of “ahhh! Those were good times, we will never get that time and feelings back.”

But Wait! There’s more…
I will be blunt and say “you are wrong” and I will explain why, but let’s look at these scenarios first.

What do you do when you achieve a major milestone in your life, you fall in love, have a baby, pass your university degree, get married, get drunk, or get on the dance floor?
You become excited and dance or say things which you wouldn’t say otherwise. You get that magic back temporarily.
Go ahead, think about all the good times you’ve had in the past 5 years.

I will give you the secret to get that magic back but first look at how Romi Magic came into existence.

I was just like you, I went to college, got a job and did what society programmed us to do. My happiness was based on feelings promoted by society/media, I was comfortable in life, I was fit, I had friends, I had a job with an awesome pay, I worked part time as a bouncer, which gave me power, extra money, and attention from both men and women (called “respect” in street talk).

There was something still lacking, there was emptiness, fear, and worry within me. The child within me wanted to be unleashed but I was not sure why. I continued to exist because there was really “no discomfort” of just existing, because life was comfortable.

After a few years I hit my absolute low point – no job, bad marriage and lots of debt. I was lost and felt Zero self-worth. If it weren’t for God and principles of Sikhi (my faith), I would have ended up becoming alcoholic or addicted to drugs. My prayer worked and God set a path for me which I followed and learnt lots of valuable life lessons.

I became alive. I started attracting positive people and all negative people disappeared from my life. I started getting my magic back in life. And now I am very thankful to be in a place where I am at peace and people listen to what I have to say and see me as a role model.

“There are no limits in life. Set yourself free. Don’t get in your way to Freedom or Romi will come and kick you out of your way”. Coach Romi Gill
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If I die right now, I will not have any regrets or worries, I will go with peace.

I love people, and I don’t judge people most of the time and I genuinely care about others without expectations. I get approached by a lot of people who are going through hard times. I have been able to get a lot of people become stress free by making them realize what the root cause of their stress is and helping them make the right decisions to be happy. You always know the answer you are looking for, sometimes all it takes is someone like Romi to come along and make you realize it.

Set yourself Free with RomiMagic!

Become like Romi and Set yourself free.

“Be like water in a river – it’s never the same, it’s always fresh, never stuck and it keeps moving forward” – Coach Romi Gill
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Here’s the lessons I learned on my journey from “depression like” state to finding peace –

1. Think about past if you want to feel guilty and sad, think about future if you want to be worried.
You decide.
2. Live in the present and design your destiny.
You decide.
3. Live a life of purpose and meaning rather than just existing unhappily and unsatisfied in this universe.
You Decide.
4. Shortcut to unhappiness is attachment to people, money, lust, anger or ego.
You Decide.
5. Only try to please others against what you want if you want to be unhappy.
You Decide.
6. Don’t expect much from people, expect people to deceive you and your feelings will never be hurt.
You Decide.
7. Live an average life living in fear, or set yourself free by doing what you fear.
You Decide.
8. Only complain if you want to be miserable and avoided by others. Instead,  find solutions.
You Decide.
9. If something is not in your control, worry will not help, let it be. You will be happy.
You Decide.
10. Love and care about others .Always uplift, motivate, empower others.
It will make you feel good. You Decide.
11. Focus on positive things and do not use foul language (even as a joke). Protect yourself from negative energy.
You Decide.
12. Surround yourself with positive and successful people.
You will have no time to worry. You decide.
13. Forget all the rules set by the society and do what your heart desires.
You decide.
14. Do not always trust authority, use your own brain. Even if you are wrong, you will learn lots.
You Decide.
15. Break your daily routine, be adventurous (don’t always plan everything and don’t be predictable).
Your life will have magic. You Decide.
16. Every problem has multiple solutions, don’t get stuck on one, explore other options.
You will never be unhappy.  You Decide.
17. If you fail, keep trying different things.
You will be happy long term. You Decide.
18. Drinking and drugs will only make you miserable. Face the problems and be happy.
You Decide.
19. Be silly, laugh lots, and always be curious about things.
You will be happy. You Decide.
20. Smile lots, if you want to feel good.
You will be happy. You Decide.
21. Start your day with God even during hard times. Testing times make you strong.
Be strong or be unhappy. You Decide.

If you want the magic back in life follow these lessons and live a life of fun and abundance. Do not limit yourself as there’s no limits to what you can achieve in life. Do not be in your way of happiness and freedom. Do not follow trends like sheep, be a Lion and lead. Stop watching, listening and reading news – you will gain lots and won’t miss much. Do not let others actions and opinions dictate how you feel, be your own boss. Don’t let failure stop you.

Make the decision to be Free! I can’t guarantee your problems will go away, but I guarantee you that others’ opinions and problems will not make you unhappy.

In my next article I will tell you “What happens when you start taking action to become Free!“. This is a must read article if you followed my life lessons above.

What did you decide?


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