5 ways you can benefit from knowing Romi…

5 reasons why you need to get to know Romi Gill

Thank you for taking the time to visiting my blog. I have decided to blog (write on this website) more regularly and share information that you can benefit from.

I will share more information about myself later, but let me first tell you the top 5 reasons why knowing me will help you.

1. Trust

Imagine having a friend who you can trust with health and fitness advice…

“But WHY”, you ask, “is this important?”
Because the Internet-land is full of overwhelming of information regarding heath & fitness and conflicting advice. It becomes a problem because you don’t know what to follow and quiet frankly not get health problems which you can’t reverse.

Perhaps you want to listen to someone who has been living in healthy and fitness land for 15 years, both personally and professionally, someone who has gone through hundreds of thousands of hours of exercises both in gym and outdoors, and tried many diets, nutrition and exercise protocols. Someone who has read thousands of scientific studies,  fitness journals, books and taken courses.

2. Judgement-free Zone

I don’t know about you but I hate being judged!

Imagine having a friend who doesn’t judge you, criticize you, blame you or stereotype you…

How would it feel to have a friend who cares about you,  who is willing to listen to you if you want to speak with someone in confidence without being judged.

My days judgement, comparison, hate and criticism are over. I changed after learning a secret –  sometimes we are stuck and we need support us and help making the right decision. I’ve been there – completely stuck and nobody to consult with and forced to go through my struggles alone.

3. A Failure

Imagine having a friend who has experienced struggles in life including failures…

Successes doesn’t come by luck, it’s built on failures. This is not a lecture on “you need to fail to succeed”,I want to emphasize the value of having someone around who has been through struggles, failures, ego, success and humility. This is a kind of person you can relate to and talk with peace.

How would it feel to have a friend who is not afraid to sharing his experiences including failures and weaknesses not only achievements and success?

Why is this important? Because we are taught to show off our accomplishments and strengths which leads to a problem – it’s hard for others to relate to you.

We all know people who are seen as role models and motivational characters but they seem perfect with no weaknesses and failures. I learnt this hard way 10 years ago when I reached out to some of the local role models only to be disappointed by the difference between their public  and real life attitude.

I am real and sometimes criticized for being politically incorrect and saying things that people may not say in public. And, of course, I speak of my weaknesses and failures so that other people don’t make these mistakes and make wise choices in their life.

4. Life is like a video game

Imagine having a friend who isn’t always miserable…

Some people are too serious and treat life as a bag of problems and forget to have fun. Sometimes you need to make a decision between being miserable or finding a solution to the problem. I help people move away from self-pity and taking control over their life.

My slogan is “Life is like a video game, I am in it to Win it”. This attitude helps me stay positive and allows me to help you find solutions to you problems as well.

5. Love

Imagine having a friend who loves you and wants you to succeed…

It’s easy to find people to celebrate your victories but hard to find people to support you in hard times. We need true role models in this world full of hate & envy, because sometimes you need someone to believe in you, sometimes you need a little push in the right direction to overcome your challenges.

If I become a catalyst to progress in someone’s life, I’d feel I have done my part to make this world a better place.

I invite you to be my friend…

I am always here to help and support you when you need help.

This brings us to the close, and I will ask you…
the same question that I always ask people on Facebook:

“How can I help you?”
*please comment below or email me what you are struggling with.


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