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4 Nutrient rich, healthy & yummy carbohydrate sources




If you are like me you probably hate healthy foods. I eat it anyway because I am a bodybuilder and I want to look muscular and lean. Since I eat whatever I feel (healthy or junk), I maintain my healthy by incorporating various healthy food items in my diet.

Whether you eat healthy or not, your daily diet should include healthy food items, especially carbs. Carbohydrates give you energy and when you eat healthy carbs you have the energy, you get the nutrients, you feel full and for those who eat bad you can balance your nutrition with these foods.

Here’s 4 types of carbohydrates that are nutrient rich, healthy and very yummy. One thing to keep is mind is to not eat too much of these foods. Too much of a good thing is  also bad.

1/2 Cup Beets

1/2 Yam (or Sweet Potato)

1/2 Banana (Should I eat Green or Yellow Banana)

1 cup Broccoli

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