3 month Facebook Cleanse!


I will be going off my Facebook profile for 3 months. I will NOT be checking my private messages either.

I will not be posting anything on my Personal Profile because I am working on UPGRADING myself to Romi 3.0 – “better version of Romi” I have to focus on the following areas of my life:

1. Eliminate Ego
2. Overcome fears that I have
3. Become more responsible
4. Overcome negativity that is left in me
5. Start applying teachings of my Faith – Sikh – to become more Saint-like
6. Become more focused and not waste time on Facebook (I do it a lot)
7. Investing time and money on myself to grow in areas I lack knowledge in – Education

I am a good person overall, but I want to be GREAT – Great not for Ego, GREAT so that my Guru would be proud of me.

Here’s how you stay in touch with me:

I will be posting stuff on my this website and to better help people I will me sending weekly emails full of actionable stuff that you can apply to your life – FOR FREE!!


I will be sharing my life stories that you all can benefit from using the following:
1. My website (this site you are on)
2. My YouTube Channel
3. My Email Newsletter

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The reason I am not deactivating my Facebook account is:
1. I belong to several secret groups that are only on FB
2. I communicate with my clients
3. Online marketing purposes

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