3.5 reasons why Platinum is the Best Gym in Surrey, BC


I am a bodybuilder and I love weight training at the Gym. I train at new gyms when I travel, and I am fortunate to have trained at gyms in Surrey, Chicago, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Calgary, India and Vancouver.

I have trained at different types of gyms especially in Surrey I have trained at YMCA, Steve Nash, Club 16, World Gym and some smaller gyms for a period of 5 months to a year. At one point I had membership at Platinum, Surrey Rec Center, YMCA, and Steve Nash Fitness World because I was training lots of people.

I have been a loyal member to one gym from beginning of my fitness career – Platinum Athletic Club.

I joined Platinum gym shortly after it first opened doors (as Golds initially, then they upgraded to Platinum), in 2001 which makes it 14 years.

platinum-gym-surrey-bc-romi-gillI give credit to Platinum Athletic Club for my success because Platinum has been a second home to me. I can proudly say Platinum Athletic Club is the best gym in Surrey, BC.

People say “Romi: why don’t you get a bed at Platinum and live there”, haha.

Here’s 3.5 reasons why I have been with Platinum for 14 years:

1. The Biggest Gym in Surrey

There are big gyms and there are HUGE gyms; Platinum is HUGE, and this is what attracted me to Platinum.

I just checked the size on their website and found out the gym is 34,000 sq. ft. with 5,000 sq. ft. area for ladies. Not only it’s big but also has high ceiling about 26 ft high – this is important because gyms with low feeling make you feel squished (this is important for people who feel claustrophobic in tight spaces).

Platinum ius the biggest gym with best exercise equipment in Surrey. There are other big gyms but space is taken by other sports facilities like swimming pool, basketball courts etc – I have no interest in these as I only care about weights and cardio equipment at the gym. Platinum has lots of exercise machines, different types of weights and bars, stretching area, cardio machines, separate area for women, functional training area, circuit area, TRX station and Synergy circuit area. This means you have options to do more one type of training.

There’s so much equipment that I don’t have to wait for machines during busy times. For those who are into heavy lifting they have heavy dumbbells (140 lbs).


2. No Strings attached

Platinum offers month-to-month membership, I can cancel anytime I want. I would probably never leave Platinum, but it’s nice to have that option.

3. Affordable monthly fee

When it comes to gyms, I usually say “you get what you pay” because gyms with cheap membership price are lacking in one area or other. Plati

Management makes user (people who train) experience great. People can talk to reception staff or manager if people have any concern regarding staff or trainers.

3.5 Other cool stuff

These are the extra amenities which a gym doesn’t need to have but I am happy Platinum offers these and I take full advantage of them.

  • Cardio classes
  • TV’s on cardio machines to entertain and inform when you are doing long boring cardio
  • Large Sauna rooms in both men’s and women’s washroom
  • Full locker rooms, with private showers
  • Large parking lot
  • Easy Access: Conveniently located near bus stop
  • Friendly staff
  • Perfect hours- Open 4:45am closed at Midnight on weekdays.

For those who are looking for a gym in Surrey, BC, I recommend this gym. If you are there Romi will train with you :)

If you tell them Romi Gill sent you, you will get a free 10-day pass.

To learn more about Platinum, visit their website –

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