10 ways to have Positive Integrity


Integrity: The best and hardest quality to have, because…

Most people have good and bad qualities,
most people are honest and liars selectively…

People are honest and truthful most of the time.
They lie when it benefits them.
This includes me,
I sometimes lie to defend myself (white lies).

Integrity is when you maintain the same standards for yourself all the time.

Positive Integrity is when:
– you will not change or give up your values or morals, even when things get tough.
– your principles have more value than your ego.
– you value greater good than personal benefit.

Negative integrity is when you lie, steal or deceive majority of the time.

I have some respect for negative integrity people because they are consistent in their bad behavior. They don’t pretend to be what they are not.

People with neutral integrity are dangerous, especially to their kids, because kids do what their parents do.

Are you a neutral integrity person?

I have been on the path to Positive Integrity and I welcome you join me.

Here’s the steps that have worked for me in the past few years:

1. Prayers – Religious prayers and connection to God is the #1 motivator and help.

2. I stopped using swear words. It raised my standards.

3. I stopped doing bad things for which I have to lie. Clean character means you walk with your head high (confidence).

4. I admit and accept my weaknesses and work on them. I don’t let my ego get hurt easily,therefore, no need to lie or pretend.

5. I don’t lie, even when I will get in trouble. This is hard and sometimes works against me, but it feels good to be honest and truthful.

6. I have high standards for respect. I do not tolerate disrespect – both for me or others. You should not allow others to disrespect you. Respect yourself.

7. Smile, and uplift others. Biggest reward in life comes from others thanking you for changing their life – even when it’s tiny.

8. Tell your close friends to hold your accountable for positive integrity. This is how my friend and I stopped using swear words (in English and Punjabi).

9. Stop being mean to people, especially for the sake of a few laughs. Hurting others’ feelings for entertainment is not worth it.

10. Surround yourself with good people. Positive people will encourage you to be good, and bad people will encourage you to do bad things. You are in control of what you do, in the end.

It’s tough to change your mindset, but if I can do it, so can you.

Let’s do this together.

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